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Getting Married in Clemson?

Clemson is a beautiful place to have your wedding, with the Blue Ridge Mountains or Lake Hartwell as your backdrop there are many sceneries throughout the town that provide a beautiful atmosphere to host your wedding. Home to Clemson University, one of the nations leading universities, brings many opportunities to have your wedding on campus as well. With so much to offer guest of your wedding party with be delighted to visit the Clemson area of upstate South Carolina.

How to Choose a Wedding Cake:

With all of the choices to choose from how do you narrow down what type of cake to have on your Wedding day? The cake is usually the focal point of the reception and often times brings together the colors of the wedding; it wouldn't be a Wedding reception without the cake. But how do you choose today when there is such a wide variety, from vanilla, chocolate, carrot, fruit, spice, pound, tropical, cheesecake or cakes with a mousse filling, anything is possible. Your Wedding Cake can be in any shape you choose as well as in any color you choose. It can be decorated with pastiage flowers having the look of porcelain or you can use the real thing, fresh flowers. And lets not forget about the infamous groom's cake, he too can have his very own cake specially designed for him. Now before speaking to a pastry chef there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself:

With all of these answered we can move on to the next step of actually finding a reputable chef. You may have heard about someone by word-of-mouth, or they may be recommended by your friend, co-workers, caterer or wedding planner. It would be wise to start shopping early so that you can compare prices and quality and get the best value for your money. Visit a few places, look at pictures in your favorite bridal magazine, sample different flavors and ask many questions. Also look for shops that have a showroom displaying wedding cake models so that you may be able to see the actual cakes. And last but not least, taste, taste, taste. Once your task of choosing a chef is completed, the next step is to arrange an appointment to meet with him or her. You can prepare for this meeting by bringing pictures of wedding cakes you have seen and liked or a sketch of your one-of-a-kind dream cake. Also have in mind the style and flavor of cake you would like. The baker will then take your ideas, along with his suggestions, to create a masterpiece that suits the decor of your wedding reception, as well as the personalities of the bride and groom.

What Kind of Icing?

Traditionally icing has been white or a light cream color. However today, many are matching their icing color with the overall theme of the wedding.


Decorating a cake is only limited by your imagination. Some couples design the cake around the decor or theme of the wedding. While others give the cake a unique look, with crazy and outrageous decorations which define who they are. Your wedding cake should be as individual as you. The worst thing you can do when choosing a cake is just settling Shop around a bit, decided on the cake, style and decorations, and find a baker who is willing to accommodate you.

Shapes & Sizes

The traditional shape of the wedding cake is either round or square. But, don't let your imagination stop there. Many shapes are now available to enhance and give a unique look to your cake. Many bakers offer oval, hexagon and heart shapes - just to name a few. Keep in mind that a square or round cake can be cut and served more quickly, easily and will likely serve more guests.

Now we come to the scariest thought of all, the price. You know what you want and like but can you afford it. Most bakers can help you budget for your dream cake. What does the price of a wedding cake include? Wedding cake prices usually depend on size, that is; how many people it serves, how many tiers or layers, the design, is it simple or elaborate and the type of cake chosen including flavors and fillings. Other charges you can expect to pay are delivery and set-up charges, price of the ornament chosen to adorn the top of the cake, and items such as flowers, ribbons and other embellishments used to decorate the cake. When placing your order insist that it is confirmed in writing, including all of the details. All wedding cakes should be ordered six to eight weeks in advance.

Personal Creations